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13 Apr, 2018 - 13 May, 2018

The Primacy of Seeing

Pictures or images are frozen time, immutable and enduring. If they have been once immersed into our brains they have established their own truth. Visual metaphors form a nexus of imagery that artists have used across the centuries to communicate without words.

The sense of sight shapes human perception and minds with myriads of images. But pictures are open for manipulation, the distinction between reality and deceptive delusion has become more and more blurred. There is an infinitely malleable world of virtuality and other emerging technologies. 

The All-Present Eyes in form of installed cameras at public places are the ultimate means of controlling society,  -besides other ways of visual control through the internet, as the recent case of  Facebook shows. It is the “final imposition of a grid of control on the planet”, as Donna Haraway wrote in her Cyborg Manifesto (1991)

As Wedhar Ryadi once remarked: “It’s a symbol of seeing and being seen. Technology has allowed us to see other people – what they are doing, where they are – through screens. We are watching other people, and we are being watched at the same time.”

But aesthetically the act of seeing evolves into the art of seeing, - transformed into paintings. The depth of psychological and social reality behind them is spellbinding and gripping. This art is definitely no visual fastfood.


Anton Larenz (Curator)


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